Adding ofxKinectForWindows2 to a new or existing OF project

In my previous tutorial on setting up Kinect 2 for OpenFrameworks, I show the steps necessary for setting up the Kinect, downloading Elliot Wood’s ofxKinectForWindows2 addon, and including it through OF’s Project Generator. This tutorial will show you how to include the Kinect 2 addon to any new or existing project through Visual Studio directly.
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Is Metro a Noun or a Verb?

Some languages are more slippery than others. George Orwell argued that English was the language of politics due to its high level of vagueness. In English, some words are downright unpinable.

If you have anything to do with the concept, design and development of software, I’m sure you’ve run into this with the word design. Everyone uses the word but most people can’t agree on what it means. Metro face many of the same challenges, since Metro inherits from Design. So before we analyze Metro syntax, let’s tackle the question of design.
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The Secret to the Page Flip in HTML5/Canvas for Windows8 and iOS

source: PageFlip.js

A few years back I wrote a tutorial called “The Secret Behind the Page Flip Technique” for Silverlight Developers while working as Creative Director at the experience agency, cynergy.  That blog post isn’t available anymore, and I haven’t touched Silverlight in a while, but even now, I still get several requests for the solution.

As I’ve been on-ramping my skills with HTML5, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and solve from scratch the advanced Page Flip Technique with Canvas. While underlying math is very similar, drawing, rotation and clipping are very different between Canvas in HTML5 and Silverlight, so I had to work out quite a few new tricks, highlighted below.

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Why I Joined Microsoft

There I was, Spring 2011. Ready to walk away. Coming from an interactive design background all those years ago, I had enjoyed a great ride partnering with Microsoft. As the original contributor for Microsoft’s Project Rosetta to get Flash designers and programmers up to speed in early Silverlight, I started off strong helping to grow and foster the young community of interaction designers migrating to the Microsoft stack. Hey, it got me an MVP Award. From dipping my toe into Microsoft’s broader world of .NET and managed code, it was only a tiny jump over to pushing the boundaries with WPF, pixel shaders and exploring NUI experiences on the Microsoft Surface. That got me another MVP, and several demo and guest speaking opportunities at SXSWi, MIX and other conferences. Living at the forefront of technology and design is where I thrive, and in that desktop dominant world I was having a blast. But then something happened…

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